Fun With Linux


To see a train moving on your screen in linux , type the following command in your terminal as superuser .

yum -y install sl                ( In Redhat type os )

apt-get install sl                ( In Debian type os )

It needs internet connection for first time only to install that package .


Script To View Day Of Week


echo -e “Input the number to see that day of week : \c”
read no
case “$no” in
0) echo “Sunday” ;;
1) echo “Monday” ;;
2) echo “Tuesday” ;;
3) echo “wednesday” ;;
4) echo “Thursday” ;;
5) echo “Friday” ;;
6) echo “Saturday” ;;
*) echo “Invalid Input” ;;

Tracing An Email And Getting Location !


Tracing an Email means locating the Original Sender and Getting to know the IP address of the network from
which the Email was actually generated.

For tracing an email Address You need to go to your email account and log into the email which you want to trace
after that you have to find the header file of the email which is received by you.
You will get Source code of the email.

For Rediffmail-


For Yahoomail


For Gmail


Now see from top to bottom and the first ip that comes is ip adress of the sender . Copy that ip and go to and enter the copied ip there . Its all you have the sender’s location .